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Results of the Extraordinary General Meeting 2023

Extraordinary General Meeting 2023 

We hereby invite our shareholders to the Extraordinary General Meeting on 15 May 2023. It will be held as an attendance meeting in Frankfurt am Main starting at 10:00 a.m. CEST.

We welcome all duly registered shareholders to attend. This Extraordinary General Meeting has become necessary primarily because of the planned change of name and the associated amendments to the Articles of Association.

The invitation includes the following agenda items or amendments to the Articles of Association, presented in short form:

  1. Change of the company’s name to Calvert International AG
  2. Adaptation of the object of the company
  3. Possibility of a virtual general meeting
  4. Creation of authorized capital
  5. Authorization to issue convertible bonds and bonds with warrants

The Annual General Meeting will take place in the coming months. We will inform you about the fixed date in due time.

Details and documents:

Invitation / Agenda (German version only)

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